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A virtual, online space for people to learn, explore, expand their interests, and form a community with others around the world.

We’re here for gap year students, recent grads, people stuck at home, and curious thinkers everywhere.

WorldlyXP is a virtual learning community with people to meet, places to visit online, global perspectives to discover, and new things to learn about life, the world, and yourself.

The result is you, better connected with you. No matter what is on your horizon, you will start  with the confidence to succeed. And you’ll end up beyond where you expected.

What is Worldly Experiences?

WorldlyXP isn’t about online classes or coursework.
It’s about experiences and self-discovery.

Our platform will help you experiment and explore with smart solutions
that will teach you to think, adapt, and set you up for whatever the future offers you.
Plus, you can meet new people and make connections around the world.

New Approaches to Learning and Community

We’re socially distant people for the foreseeable future. WorldlyXP isn’t just a bunch of online classes or chat rooms. We are a re-tooling of the system. You’ll have fun using it.

Build Your Portfolio

You know who runs the future? The Expert Generalist. It sounds generic, but it is important to develop a broad base that opens up options for your evolution. Your portfolio needs to be progressive and broad, not just a uni-dimensional reflection of skills. These days, the best candidates are people who can successfully integrate into any field.

Our experiences reinforce your profile and make you an attractive candidate. If you choose to participate in our projects, we’ll even give you feedback on them.

An exciting, living, evolving community.


Unique experiences about a wide variety of topics, created specifically for Worldly by educators and industry professionals. Experiences allow you to expand your knowledge, learn about new fields, and explore new directions you didn’t know about before.

Chats and Events

Live Zoom events with industry professionals give insight into fields and passions.

Constant live chats in every interest and subject area let you discuss anything with other users, and make new connections with like-minded people.

Topics and Interests

An endless line of intriguing topics and discussions, posed both by Worldly and by other users.

Find out what other users are thinking about and interested in, and about what’s taking place on the world stage.

The Worldly community is a safe space for all races, religions, genders, and orientations.

Smile, Dance, Think, Sit, Stand, Read, Write – But DO Something: The Amazing Life of Ken Robinson

Photo: Ying Ang for The New York Times In you haven't heard, a giant in the field of education in the Internet era has died. It was about a month ago but it took time to have his obituary in the New York Times. Since he didn't die of Covid-19 he wasn't at the front of...

Promising Careers Today- But Who Knows About Tomorrow?

I recently received one of those local neighborhood magazines that seem to have popped up all over suburbs in the past few years. Inside there was an "education guide" with information about today's most promising career paths. Wisely, it included both a section for...

I Was Going to Write This Article, But This Guy Already Did. So I Am Going to Kibbutz from the Sidelines.

Alright, it was predicted, prognosticated, pooh-poohed, ignored, trivialized, and debunked. Ok, well, now we know. It's happening. Right in the middle of it today. The higher education industry is in the middle of being radically changed forever. Google will have...

Wrestling for Change: or How Not to Think About Large Scale Structural Change for a Major Institution

Just by luck, I happened into a possible consulting job. A major, large-size institution (not in the US wants) to be more competitive and is willing to put all their cards on their somewhat rickety table. When they asked a local authority to take a look at this, he...

Blogs Criticizing Education? They are Evergreen.

There's no date on this blog post on Peter Diamandis' tech blog, but I know I saw him just the other day on Abundance 360 answering the question, "what industry is the ripest for disruption?" He answered, almost quaking as he did it, "EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION!"...

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