Worldly XP offers a combination of original content created by our educators and professionals, and select material we curate from around the web.

You log into WorldlyXP – what happens next?

  • See a video Introduction with our custom content expert
  • Curated content just for you, based on your interests and goals – videos, infographics, website, gamified learning, interviews, blogs
  • As you explore, you check off the content.

Then, an assessment. What did you learn? What did you experience? Tell us your feedback and we’ll help you move forward in the right direction.

Next may be a project created just for your skills and interests – maybe online, maybe in real life – perhaps a community project, or a creative project, or even a collaboration with another student.

That project creates a portfolio item and leads to further exploration, new directions, or even a third party certification or program.

The way Worldly moves is your call. It’s self-guided and dictated by your personal desires – we’re here to assist you on the way.

Unique experiences designed specifically for Worldly learners.

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Arts, Entertainment, and Artisan Trades
Writing/Blogging, Art and Design, Music (composition, performance, history), Digital Photography, Filmmaking, Pottery, Fine Arts, Beekeeping, Culinary, Woodworking/Carpentry, Farming, Electrical, Plumbing, Literature, and more…

Science and Math
Banking, Biology, Chemistry, Accounting/Stocks/Taxes, Medicine, Mortgages and Lending, and more…

Tech and Internet
Instructional Design, Computer Programming, Virtual World Development, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media Management, Networking, and more…

Certification Programs
Google Adwords, Event Planning, Personal Training, Microsoft Professional, Real Estate, AWS, HVAC, and more…

Other Areas of Interest
HR, Hands-on Technical Work, Entrepreneurship, Criminal Justice, Crowdfunding, Nonprofits, Online Teaching, Education, Psychology, Sales, Travel, and more…

Take a look at some select material from the field of Personal Finance:

WorldlyXP’s own intern, Maria, explains our approach to Personal Finance exploration.

Everyday Help: Six practical tips for managing money and growing wealth, with specific focus on high-ticket items and avoiding interest.

Practical Knowledge: Everyday personal finance tips for budgeting and fiscal responsibility. Explores the fundamentals of money and finance that nearly everyone will encounter.

Global Perspective: An intriguing look at cashless payment methods in Africa, and how they enable small businesses to succeed.

SPENT – It’s just stuff, until you don’t have it.


Spent is an interactive game by Names for Change, an organization dedicated to helping people out of homelessness and poverty.

Spent lets you experience what life is like for people truly living paycheck-to-paycheck on a low wage. It showcases the decisions they face, the compromises they are forced to make, and the consequences of their choices on all facets of their life. Spent is a humbling exploration of finance and poverty.

Give it a play (it only takes a few minutes) and see if you can survive the month. Even if you do, you’re likely in for a surprise…

Payback – by Next Gen Personal Finance


Payback is another interactive game, this time exploring the realities of student loan debt.

The game takes a choose-your-own-adventure structure, allowing you to make decisions through four years of college encompassing finance, personal life, family, jobs, and school. In the end, you’re given a peek at how well your decisions prepared you to be able to pay off the debt you’ve accrued.

It’s a fun look at the honest cost of college, with all factors considered. Try it out.

Do you think you are financially savvy?

Take the test and find out.

Everyone needs an understanding of personal finances in order to survive in society. Unfortunately, personal finance is one of the most under-taught areas of any school curriculum. Some students go through their entire education without a personal finance class.

The National Financial Educators Council has created two tests to challenge your financial aptitude. Pick the one most suitable to you and see where you stand.

Financial Literacy Test

Financial Literacy Test for High School Students

Accompanying the above material, our system would provide an assessment, a project, and ultimately help the user create a portfolio item. Their progress would unlock achievements on an accomplishment board, allowing them to showcase their experience to other users.

Potential project topics:

  • Creating and analyzing a daily spending log
  • “My financial picture in ten years”
  • Exploring cash-free zones